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A-One Solid Surfacing is dedicated to offering the finest selection of materials for use in your home. From the counters in your bathroom to the surfaces in your kitchen, you’ll fall in love with the timeless beauty and functionality of our designs. The materials we use in our products consist of Granite, Quartz, Marble, Soapstone and Solid Surfacing. Every material can serve a different purpose in your home. Whether you want an eco-friendly material, an affordable and versatile surface, or a low-maintenance countertop, A-One Solid Surfacing is the choice for you.



  • highly scratch resistant, heat resistant, liquid resistant if sealed properly

  • The colors of your countertop will never fade

  • Adds great value to your home

  • Each slab is unique and not identical

  • Available in 2 and 3-centimeter thickness


  • Mid to high Price Range

  • Granite needs to be sealed at least once a year (either an overnight sealer or everyday cleaner/sealant, both non-toxic)

This beautiful material defines elegance in the kitchen. Even the most modest of space can greatly benefit from granite, and while the price of granite has come down in recent years, it still remains expensive compared to other materials. Granite is second in hardness only to diamond, so make sure you don’t dull your knives on these countertops.

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Quartz (Engineered Stone)


  • Nonporous and sanitary

  • Easy to maintain (unnecessary to seal)

  • Beautiful color and depth

  • difficult to crack or chip does not have natural fishers

  • Available in 2 and 3 centimeterthickness

  • Not as easily stained


  • Expensive (like granite)

  • Not as heat resistant as granite

There aren’t too many cons to quartz countertops besides the price. Besides being nonporous and therefore resistant to stains from acids like juice, oil, wine, and coffee, you’ll find quartz resistant to damage with the same knife-dulling hardness of granite. You get all of this without the need to seal the surface, making quartz wonderful for kitchens and bathrooms alike. This would have the same knife dulling effect of granite.

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Solid Surfacing


  • Durable and smooth surface can seamlessly integrate with sink and backsplashes

  • Easy to sand away scratches and stains

  • Many color and pattern options

  • Can imitate granite or marble in design

  • Affordable

  • 100% acrylic and will not yellow or fade

  • Renewable & Repairable Surface


  • Could possibly be damaged by high heat and scratches

Solid Surface countertops, are super-easy to maintain. They come in a rainbow of colors to perfectly match your personal taste. They can be damaged by hot pans, so keep a couple of pot holders handy.

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  • Available in a variety of colors

  • Smooth surface

  • Heat-resistant

  • You can get a specific look or color


  • Expensive

  • Porous, can be scratched and etched by acids (like citrus, coffee, or some cleaning products) even if sealed

  • Not recommended for the kitchen

Marble countertops are unique in a number of ways. Marble looks gorgeous no matter where you put it. However, marble isn’t recommended for kitchens because of its porous nature. This means it will stain and etch under acids like citrus and even some cleaning products. If you’re looking for bathroom countertops that will look stunning, marble is just the thing.

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  • Beautiful and natural neutral color

  • Resistant to acids and stains

  • Scratches can be sanded or oiled away

  • Smooth matte finish

  • Desirable material in fireplaces


  • Color may darken over time

  • Can crack, chip, and scratch

  • Need to be maintained with mineral oil annually

The smooth finish of soapstone has been a favorite of ours for many years. While not as hard as granite, that doesn’t mean it won’t stand up to the rigors of the modern kitchen. You may not want to cut directly on it as it can scratch and chip. The only maintenance you’ll want to do is apply an oil that maintains the color and seals it through the years.

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